Using Green Schools to Teach the BEST way possible

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28 Jun 2011

Students at Bacon Elementary in Ft. Collins, Colo., are overflowing with green initiatives– going above and beyond to educate others about the importance of going green, and what the green features of their school can do.

The Bacon Energy Savings Team (BEST) is a group of students and faculty who meet before school and brainstorm ways to educate the community about sustainability. One of their greatest achievements has been the development and implementation of a hands-on green tour through their school. BEST loves to educate every visitor (including the Center for Green School’s Director Rachel Gutter) on what each green feature does, and how much energy it saves. BEST has also worked with a Colorado State University graduate student in developing an educational booklet that will remain constant in the school as student and staff change out throughout the years.
“From the first day the school opened, Bacon Elementary has been a leader in the district for environmental education,” says Mr. Franzen, a retired building operations official who works closely with BEST. “The students in BEST actively represent the district’s commitment to energy and environmental stewardship, both locally and on a national level.”

BEST student Amaya doing a weekly recycling run.

“Money is Tight- Turn out the Lights!” is the slogan of BEST’s latest drive to save energy and money. Students researched and found that the school’s lighting costs were about 50 percent of the total energy their building used.Says student Kiley T.,“It was a cool experience because you were teaching the teachers how to save energy. I thought the teachers wouldn’t listen because I was a kid, but they did listen. They seemed really interested.”
Other activities the students participate in are emptying classroom recycling bins, recycling Capri Sun containers, conducting energy audits (personal appliances, water coolers, etc.), listening to guest speakers, and generally doing lots of brainstorming that leads to new innovations.

Capri Sun-students recycling Capri Sun pouches.

Keep up the good work, Bacon Elementary!

Thanks to Janice Martin for her original article on Bacon Elementary’s initiatives. For more information, contact: Janice Martin

BEST students celebrating at the end of another good year