USGBC Staff Ramp Up for Green Apple Day of Service

Published on: 
17 May 2012
Ana Leilani Ka'ahanui

Every month, USGBC hosts an “internal showcase” at the DC headquarters – a chance for staff to learn more about a project, idea or initiative that crosses all departments. Posters and other visuals are created to illustrate the showcase theme and applicable staff are on hand to discuss the concepts with their colleagues. Occasionally, trivia and other games are played to get staff more engaged with the event.

The most recent showcase on May 2 featured the Green Apple Day of Service. Staff gathered in the lunchroom to learn about the day of service planned for September 29 and how they could personally get involved in greening their schools and communities. Sample project ideas were posted for inspiration such as water savings initiatives, energy conservation and indoor improvements, just to name a few. Staff were also asked to spread the word to their constituents to get as many school projects as possible registered at We also introduced an Alma Mater Challenge to encourage staff to contact their grade schools, high schools or universities. A map of the U.S. was posted for everyone to tack up their name and alma mater(s) in the hopes of getting their schools to register a project with the Day of Service. To facilitate a little friendly competition, the Center for Green Schools even offered to do a drawing to send one staffer back to their school to assist with their alma mater’s registered project.

The showcase was a great forum for staff to learn about the day of service and to get them excited about being a part of such a historic community service event! You can see all of the photos on our Facebook page