USGBC’s Community College Members Educate the Next Generation of Green Building Professionals

Published on: 
7 Aug 2012
Vanessa Santos

Starting this month, USGBC will offer free institutional memberships (a $750 value) to community colleges across the country, as part of the Center for Green Schools’ newest program, Community Green. This program supports community colleges in bringing green building training and educational opportunities to their campuses. USGBC’s community college members will receive specific resources, discounts and support to help them become local hubs for green building education./p>

In July, USGBC’s five recently appointed, regionally-based Community Green Chairs met in D.C. to develop a plan for how to best support community colleges moving forward with this new program. With the infrastructure and resources we’ve put in place for community colleges, we expect to engage more than 40 percent of all community colleges in Community Green, and upwards of 3,000 community college students who will be actively involved in green building education and training activities at the end of two years.

Community colleges have been serving as the centers for educational opportunity in their communities for years. Even as workforce needs have shifted, these institutions have been the quickest to adapt to meet the new demands, despite often times needing to do so with limited resources. USGBC is partnering with community colleges to not only acknowledge that the crucial work they do to drive local economies is valued, but to also show them that they don’t need to do this work alone.

Together with our USGBC community college members, we will provide thousands of students across the country with skills and hands-on experiences necessary to help them be successful in the new green economy.

Community colleges can still sign up now to be a part of this program and receive their free first year of USGBC membership.