Top 5 articles in 2017 from the Center for Green Schools

Published on: 
25 Jan 2018
Kristen Keim

As the New Year begins, it is a time of reflection and resolutions. At the Center for Green Schools at USGBC, we reflect on the past year and what we can build on for an even better year to come. 2017 was a year of accomplishments at the Center: we reached 2,000 LEED certified schools, retooled Green Apple Day of Service and hosted another successful Green Schools Conference and Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

We take a look at the performance of the Center’s articles and websites each year, in order to provide quality content for our readers. Our most-read articles and webpages from 2017 provide resources, narratives and research on green schools. If you didn’t get the chance to read these last year, be sure to check them out now!

Top 5 articles

  1. Top 10 resources at the Center for Green Schools provided resources for actions a reader would take in making their school more sustainable. From policy and data to resources for the Green Ribbon Schools Award program, this article provides an excellent starting place to green your school.
  2. One of the most important conversations from last year was how to create a pathway for students to graduate with environmental and sustainably literacy. Best of Green Schools honorees cultivate environmental literacy through action gathers testimonials from those who have had success in opening those pathways for students: the Best of Green Schools honorees.
  3. One of the most successful tools to help schools become sustainable and healthy places for learning is the School District Sustainability Scholarship. Each summer, the application is opened to any school system that meets the minimum requirements, and this year’s announcement, Apply for the 2017–2018 School District Sustainability Scholarship, garnered a lot of attention.
  4. Who doesn’t like to be recognized for their hard work? The Center and our partners at Green Schools National Network award 10 categories for the Best of Green Schools, each recognizing different types of green school leaders. The 2017 call, Make a nomination for the Best of Green Schools 2017, made quite a splash. Do you already have someone in mind for this year?
  5. The Center works every day to create sustainable and healthy learning environments for every student. Our fifth most popular article provided a downloadable info sheet on how USGBC’s LEED rating system can help achieve those goals: LEED helps schools achieve better health and learning for students.

Top 5 webpages

  1. Green Schools are Better for Learning was a popular spot to learn the benefits that sustainable schools can have on student learning.
  2. Interested in the benefits USGBC membership provides? The page explaining the Free first year of USGBC membership for K–12 schools and K–12 districts lists all the benefits and how to apply for your first free year of membership.
  3. Money talks! Our page explaining how Green schools are better for budgets is consistently popular.
  4. The page we created to define green schools is doing its job. Point people in your community toward the What is a green school? page to learn more about your passion for green schools.
  5. The 2016 State of Our Schools report received a large amount of traffic this year. This report calls out the underfunded status of America’s K–12 facilities and offers strategies to meet the modern standards of school buildings.

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