School Sustainability Leaders Summit Kicks Off!

Published on: 
28 Jun 2012

Yesterday, we kicked off our School Sustainability Leaders Summit, which brought in our two green schools fellows, along with other school district staff from across the country.
The day started with the fellows, Farah and Phoebe, giving a recap of the past school year at their respective districts, highlighting their work and that of the schools. Farah highlighted major milestones that SCUSD has accomplished, including “greening” the district’s logo, starting 41 school gardens across the district and creating a healthy food task force. Farah then went on to discuss Project Green, which is a student-led initiative she helped to start that performs green audits at the district schools. Farah is now working with Starbucks and two local non-profits to revitalize a school and make small changes to improve the campus. They are going to use our Green Apple Day of Service to plant a school garden for the students to use. Phoebe discussed some of the garden initiatives that Boston Public Schools have been starting, and then discussed how Boston Public Schools are beginning to shift their focus more toward environmental goals, and how they could transform their image to align with their green initiatives.

The Summit started later in the day, and brought in more than 40 attendees. We kicked off the day discussing achievements, visions and barriers that leaders are facing in their districts. It was inspiring to hear all of the great achievements everyone has accomplished, and I could tell the attendees were energized to hear from their peers. Leith Sharp from Harvard University led a discussion based on everyone’s submissions about shifting culture so that more schools and districts begin to embrace sustainability.

I know I speak for everyone when I say we are looking forward to what today’s discussion will bring! Thanks to all of the leaders who made the trip to D.C. to be with us this week!