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Edward M. Felegy Elementary School

Hyattsville, MD

Outperforming the Maryland High Performance Program requirements, Edward M. Felegy Elementary School in Hyattsville, MD achieved LEED Gold certification in October of 2017. Some of the sustainable strategies for this 92,000 square foot facility include a green roof, bioswales, and access to daylight in 91% of classrooms.

Jaime Padron Elementary School

Austin, TX

At 160,072 square feet and 50 classrooms, Jaime Padron Elementary School No 2 was certified Gold in April of 2016. As a result of a 256 kW PV system as well as a new HVAC system, the school reduced energy usage by 43.4%.

Willard City Schools K-12 Campus

Willard, OH

Opened in the fall of 2015, Willard City Schools K-12 Campus in Willard, OH is a 233,000 square foot facility that has achieved LEED Silver. This campus incorporates natural light and open floor plans and features studios and collaborative spaces to support 21st century learning.

William H Farquhar Middle School

Olney, MD

William H. Farquhar Middle School in Olney, MD is 135,000 square feet and achieved LEED Silver in April 2017. The design is optimized to support Montgomery County’s Rustic Roads Program, which aims to exemplify the rural and agricultural character of the area. Among many green features, this school has a green roof and 100% of its electric energy is wind energy, and 90 percent of its construction waste was diverted from landfill.

Aspen Community School

Woody Creek, CO

With 20,187 square feet and 130 students, Aspen Community School near Aspen, CO achieved LEED Gold in April 2017. This school’s recycled fish net carpet, in-floor radiant heating, and 39kW photovoltaic system support its passion for the surrounding environment.

Bristow Elementary

Bowling Green, KY

Bristow Elementary in Bowling Green, KY achieved LEED Silver certification in June 2013 and is 79,817 square feet. It is 73% more efficient than the average Kentucky school, saving an average of $95,000 annually, and their decision to eliminate deep fryers and tilting skillets from the kitchen both saves energy and supports initiatives to provide healthier lunches to students.

Lyons Mill Elementary School

Owings Mill, MD

At 94,900 square feet, Lyons Mill Elementary School in Owings Mill, MD achieved LEED Silver certification in October of 2011. This 715-student facility features a central media center that merges the indoors and outdoors at the heart of the building as well as a rooftop classroom terrace.

Glen Allen High School

Glen Allen, VA

The first LEED Gold project in the county, Glen Allen High School in Glen Allen, VA is 256,000 square feet and was certified in July 2011. This building has a white roof and was designed to reduce energy use by 28% compared to standard construction.

Hiukkavaaran Monitoimitalo

Oulu, Finland

The Hiukkavaara Community Center in Oulu, Finland is about 11,000 square meters, or over 118,000 square feet, and achieved LEED Gold certification in August 2017. The community center has facilities to accommodate 700 pupils, including grades 1-9, a day care, adult education, and sports. The center was designed with automated control of HVAC and lighting and eliminated irrigation to reduce potable water usage.

Waverly Belmont Elementary School

Nashville, TN

At just over 75,000 square feet of learning space, Waverly Belmont Elementary School in Nashville, TN, achieved LEED Silver certification in June of 2017. After the school was decommissioned by the school district in 1974, new renovations have restored the school into a fully functional, sustainable learning space for children in the city.

Alexandria Area High School

Alexandria, MN

The Alexandria Area High School in Minnesota is a little over 280,000 square feet and achieved LEED Silver certification in September of 2015. With two new three-story academic wings, housing 36 classrooms and 12 flexible learning spaces for groups of all sizes, the high school put sustainability as a core pillar for the design of the project.

Ernie Pyle Middle School

Albuquerque, NM

At just over 32,000 square feet, the Ernie Pyle Middle School in Albuquerque achieved LEED Gold certification in September of 2017. With a new two-story classroom and a one-story arts building, the school utilizes daylighting and an outdoor teaching area to maximize sustainability. Furthermore, after installing a photovoltaics array, the school now saves 14% annually in energy costs.

Aspira Business & Finance High School

Chicago, IL

The Aspira Business & Finance High School in Chicago, IL, began project design in 2010 and finished 5 years later at a cost of $22 million, achieving LEED Gold certification halfway through 2016. At just over 81,000 square feet, the charter school accommodates 900 students in a compact urban site, utilizing green and white roofs while prioritizing materials for the building that are low in VOCs and recyclable.

Essex Technical High School

Hathorne, MA

Just under 280,000 square feet, Essex Technical High School achieved LEED Silver certification in March 2017. The sustainable school building is located near the sensitive Ipswich River, so it utilizes strategies to minimize its impact on the local watershed, such as rainwater capture for flushing toilets and irrigation.

HAEF Preschool & Kindergarten

Athens, Greece

In October 2014, the HAEF Preschool & Kindergarten building was the first building in Greece to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Just under 37,000 square feet, this facility takes advantage of daylighting and natural ventilation, with a green roof on top of the building.

Career Enrichment Center Addition

Albuquerque, NM

At just over 20,000 square feet, the Career Enrichment Center Addition in Albuquerque achieved LEED Silver certification in March of 2017. Part of the largest school district in New Mexico, this project was able to save 34% on annual energy costs through its sustainable design.

Rio Grande High School

Albuquerque, NM

At 85,000 square feet, Rio Grande High School in Albuquerque achieved LEED Gold certification in October of 2017. Part of the largest school district in New Mexico, this school was able to save 59% on annual energy costs through its sustainable design.

Marie Hughes Elementary School

Albuquerque, NM

At just under 86,000 square feet, Marie Hughes Elementary School in Albuquerque achieved LEED Gold certification in the last couple days of 2017. Part of Albuquerque Public Schools, the largest school district in New Mexico, this school was able to save 68% on energy costs through its sustainable design.

McDonnell Hall & Brauer Hall

Ladue, MO

Opened in the spring of 2014 and certified LEED Platinum the following year, these two new halls at the Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day School add a combined 85,000 square feet to campus facilities. Located in Ladue, Missouri, the new facilities utilize thermal windows and PV cells, as well as display energy dashboards for their students to see the reduced impact their school has on the environment.

University School Academic Wing

Hunting Valley, OH

The new 52,000 square foot Academic & Science Wing at the University School opened in time for the 2012-13 school year and earned LEED Silver certification in 2017. Located in Hunting Valley, Ohio, the new wing utilizes natural light, solar heat, and geothermal heating and cooling for the new classrooms, labs, and common rooms.

Grady Middle School Addition

Houston, TX

LEED Certified in the fall of 2017, the Grady Middle School Addition is just above 56,000 square feet. With a focus on utilizing natural daylight, the new addition includes learning centers, science classrooms, and an educational courtyard.

Apollo Career Center

Lima, OH

Completed in 2017, the $53 million renovation of the Apollo Career Center is located in Lima, Ohio. This 224,000 square foot LEED Gold facility offers educational and career-oriented programs for juniors and seniors at the 700-student high school.

Learning Gate Community School

Lutz, FL

Learning Gate Community School, certified LEED Platinum in June of 2010, consists of three structures connected by covered walkways amounting to 7,840 square feet. The school boasts project student ambassadors, a nature-based curriculum and building monitoring of energy use, VOC output, humidity levels, and water consumption.

Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

Philadelphia, PA
LEED Certified

Edy Ridge E.S. & Laurel Ridge M.S.

Sherwood, OR

Adlai E Stevenson High School

Lincolnshire, IL

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