Rep. Ben Chandler Speaks on the Importance of Green Schools

Published on: 
13 Sep 2011

Last week, Kentucky’s Rosa Parks Elementary was recognized for earning Energy Star certification, and reducing their energy usage by 47 percent with no additional cost to the school. In attendance was Rep. Ben Chandler (D-KY), a long-time supporter of green school efforts and a co-chair of the Congressional Green Schools Caucus. Watch what Rep. Chandler has to say about the important opportunity green schools' present:

Rep. Chandler praised the school’s efforts, saying: "High performance
schools are truly the future of education, especially in these tough
economic times. In last year alone, [Rosa Parks Elementary in Lexington,
KY] saved over 52 thousand dollars, and that's why high performance
schools are so important. By saving money on electric bills and instead
investing in education, we're giving our children a leg up on their

Rep. Chandler’s support of green schools comes at an important time. Last week, Obama announced the American Jobs Act, which would create $25 billion for repairing schools across the country. The Center for Green Schools praises Congressman Chandler for his support on green school initiatives, and look forward to continued work together in the future.