Through our educational resources, professional learning networks, and industry-recognized tools, we equip supporters to educate students about global sustainability and deepen learning by acting in their communities.

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Find tools to act at your school

We provide tools, platforms, and certifications to help schools act and measure the impact they are making on people and the planet.

Green Apple Day of Service

Join an international movement of nearly a million volunteers in over 70 countries to celebrate the central role that schools play in preparing the next generation of global leaders in sustainability. Learn more about Green Apple Day of Service.

Arc in Schools

The Arc platform helps schools and other buildings track, benchmark, and communicate sustainability metrics, including energy, water, waste, transportation, and air quality. We work with Arc to turn the data into a teaching opportunity to make student action come alive through visible and tangible results.

LEED for Schools

The LEED rating system provides third party verification that schools have met the goals they’ve set around sustainability, whether it’s during new school construction, renovation, or day-to-day operations. Learn more about how LEED works for schools.

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Educate for sustainability

We create educational resources for professionals across education, government, and building industry sectors.

Green Classroom Professional

Participate in our certificate program to learn more about how teachers and school staff can support healthy and sustainable learning spaces.

Learning Lab

Access Learning Lab for hands-on, standards-aligned curriculum and resources to help K-12 educators bring sustainability to life in their classrooms. Learn more about how to access free lessons to try it out.

Building Learners

Engage students in data-based investigations at their school that will prepare them to succeed in 21st century careers that value systems thinking and problem-solving. The Building Learners program helps schools and school districts connect student learning with the operations of a school building.

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Connect to professional networks

We train and convene networks of peers in-person and through regular webcasts, to learn from each other and further their work to create green schools for all students.

Green Schools Conference & Expo

GSCE is the only national event to bring together all the players involved in making green schools a reality: people who lead, operate, build and teach in U.S. schools.

Global Coalition for Green Schools

The Global Coalition for Green Schools unites groups around the world working to make their schools healthy and sustainable, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn in a green school.

School System Sustainability Leaders

The School Sustainability Leaders Network supports staff in school systems who are in charge of sustainability strategy. The Center trains and coaches these staff through scholarships, events, and an online network.

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Make the case for green schools

We dig into the most pressing topics facing school facilities, environmental health, and sustainability literacy to give policymakers and school leaders what they need to make smart decisions for greener schools.

Policymaker Resources

The Congressional Green Schools Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives and a communications network for state lawmakers across the country provide our country’s public servants opportunities to learn more about how to bring the benefits of healthier, more efficient schools to students and teachers in their area.

Community Advocacy

USGBC's community of volunteers includes building industry professionals, school staff, parents, and others, all advocating for greener schools and communities. Find your local community to join our advocacy efforts and hands-on action to support schools near you.

Resources to Educate and Communicate

Find fact sheets, reports, courses, and original research to help you make the case to your colleagues, principal, school board, or others. Explore all of our resources or look through our curated collection of education for K-12 school professionals.