Nominate your school for a 2017 Climate Leadership Award

Published on: 
11 Apr 2017
Amanda Sawit

USGBC, in partnership with Second Nature, recognizes higher education institutions every year for their leadership in sustainability and climate change mitigation, on campus and in their community. Applications to the 2017 Climate Leadership Awards will be considered based on the nominated institution’s commitment to climate neutrality, curriculum integration, partnerships and innovative leadership.

The deadline to apply is June 12, 2017 by 11:59 p.m. PT.

To be eligible, institutions must be a signatory of Second Nature’s Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments and in fulfillment of those requirements. If you are unsure about your institution's status, contact Second Nature.

Award winners will be recognized as part of the 2017 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which offers a global stage for honorees to share their efforts with other local, regional and national leaders, decision makers and communities that share their mission to secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Tips for a successful application

  • Focus on innovation. Is there anything about your institution’s practices, strategy or partnerships that can be seen as a model for the rest of the Climate Leadership Network? Key aspects to focus on: cross-functionality, student engagement and emission and consumption reduction.
  • Be specific, and answer each question appropriately. Each of the three essay questions is weighted equally, so consider your responses carefully and develop tailored answers. It is not advisable to repeat information.
  • Use the 250-word count to your advantage, but don't exceed it. Although it isn’t necessary to fill the text field, you don’t want to run the risk of shortchanging your chances by providing too little information for the judges. Try to provide a holistic picture of your institution’s climate work, rather than focusing on one aspect or program.

Frequently asked questions

When will I know if I am a finalist/honorable mention/winner?

Finalists will be announced by early July, and winners and honorable mentions will be announced in October. Winners will be formally recognized during the Greenbuild Leadership Awards Luncheon, held on November 9 in Boston.

What should I do if I am selected as a finalist?

If you are selected as a finalist, begin gathering photos and videos that highlight your climate work on campus. If ultimately selected as an honorable mention or winner, USGBC will be reaching out to your designated point of contact to gather these materials for our awards promotion campaign. It may also be a good idea to identify the best representative in your team to attend the Greenbuild Leadership Awards Luncheon, should your institution win. Attendance at the luncheon is required in order to receive your award.

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Nominate your college or university for the Climate Leadership Awards