New and improved Green Classroom Professional certificate for K-12 sustainability advocates

Published on: 
8 Aug 2018
Georgia Barnes

The Green Classroom Professional (GCP) certificate is now available through Education @USGBC. The GCP is an online course and certificate exam designed to teach users how to implement green policies and sustainable practices in K–12 classrooms.

Initially launched in 2011 by the Center for Green Schools at USGBC, the course has been revamped to include up-to-date strategies for reducing energy and water use in classrooms and increasing clean air and natural light. The GCP empowers users of all backgrounds to improve the overall health and well-being of classrooms, while emphasizing a need to engage students in environmentally friendly activities.

The GCP is the only program for K–12 classrooms that offers curated, updated information on classroom sustainability options with an accompanying certificate of completion.

Rigorously updated, the GCP now includes data from the LEED v4 rating system. Using a simplified, self-guided module layout. course content focuses on accomplishing three main objectives: teaching educators and building managers what they can do, what they can advocate for and what they can educate others about.

Upon completion of the course, certificate holders are well-versed in topics such as

  • Development of sustainable sites.
  • Reduction of water usage.
  • Reduction of energy usage.
  • Selection of healthy and sustainable classroom materials and products.
  • Improvement of indoor air quality.

The newly revised course features updated information on the most modern and efficient strategies to implement in the classroom, designed to result in

  • Increased student engagement.
  • Improved student and educator health.
  • Decreased cost of building operation.

A GCP certificate serves as a distinguished badge of knowledge in the green schools sector. The exam to achieve the certificate is available directly within the online course and requires no scheduling for completion.

In particular, educators looking to supplement existing educational curriculum will benefit from the simple strategies presented in the modules. GCP certificate holders who incorporate the sustainability techniques in the classroom are empowering students to make positive environmental changes at a young age and to encourage others to do the same.

Learning Lab, an online resource with more than 500 lessons available in English and Spanish, is a great next step for an educator who has completed the GCP course and intends to incorporate green education into the existing class curriculum.

For more information about the online course, view the GCP Program Handbook.

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