Mid-year report card highlights Center victories and momentum

Published on: 
2 Aug 2013
Jenny Wiedower

Today, the Center for Green Schools released its mid-year report card, which checks in on progress toward our 2013 goals and reviews the most meaningful and quantifiable moments of the first two quarters of the calendar year. The report card is organized using the Center’s four strategic goals as subsections, and utilizes a combination of graphics, icons and imagery to illustrate our current standings as we track toward annual goals.

As with previous report cards (view 2011 and 2012), we focus on the audiences we serve, and highlight the various approaches we take in engaging this vast network. This year's report card calls out several efforts that we're extremely proud of. 

  • To reflect our work with grassroots champions, corporate partners and decision makers, we track the number of students attending schools and campuses that have committed to healthy and efficient schools by adopting green building policies. Today, over 18 million students are covered by these commitments.
  • We invest in developing leaders and champions for the movement through leadership trainings, publishing valuable and practical resources and equipping school staff and students with the right tools and networks to transform their schools. Already this year, the Center has educated a collective 135,000 individuals.
  • Our work would be lost without the army of volunteers giving countless hours of service. What we’ve tracked through Q1 and Q2 this year is only a shadow of what we expect for Green Apple Day of Service, but the value of the donated time has already surpassed one million dollars.

Of course, this one-page update merely breezes through the groundbreaking work that the Center team and all its networks have accomplished from January through June 2013. Take a stroll through our blog to get a deeper look into the amazing work and resulting victories we’ve catalyzed. Also, check back at the end of the year when we publish our Year-end report card to see how we did in our efforts to meet our lofty goals.