LEED schools are making big strides in 2018

Published on: 
5 Sep 2018
Claire Wayner

Since the number of LEED-certified schools surpassed 2,000 last year—a huge milestone for the Center for Green Schools—LEED certification has been growing in schools around the world. In the first half of 2018, 70 schools obtained LEED certification, including the first LEED-certified school in Vietnam. With these new green schools come healthier, more sustainable learning environments for over 40,000 students around the globe.

To celebrate these new additions to the LEED family, we asked schools and their architects for photos and descriptions about their new buildings. We received 24 diverse submissions. Despite each school’s unique features and background, there were consistent themes aligned with LEED certification.

From better acoustics and daylighting for enhanced learning to rooftop classrooms and increased energy efficiency, these schools are prioritizing all three pillars of a green school from start to finish: reducing operational costs, improving student and teacher health and educating students about the importance of green practices.

Congratulations to the schools that have achieved LEED certification in 2018 thus far—we are all looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year holds in store.

View our slideshare of newly certified LEED schools:

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