Interview with Mr. Eco, Environmental Rap Superhero

Published on: 
12 Sep 2013
Hannah Debelius

Sometimes you come across a song or an artist that completely transforms your thinking. Mr. Eco is one of these musicians. I first heard about Mr. Eco after watching “Save so Hard,” a video he created to support Campus Conservation Nationals, an energy reduction competition on his former campus of California Polytechnic State University. I was hooked. I've been fortunate enough to follow his career from a student writing spoof lyrics to a fully fledged environmental rap superhero releasing his first original album.

With his album dropping this month, featuring a song written specifically for the Green Apple Day of Service, I jumped at the opportunity to interview him for the wider green schools community. Mr. Eco believes that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society. He combines his passions for sustainability, wildlife conservation and hip-hop to create an environmental rap superhero that uses music to empower children to become activists, also known as #EcoHeroes. Mr. Eco uses his blend of "edutainment" to teach youth that their local actions impact ecosystems and wildlife globally. His clever lyrics, catchy beats and simple, impactful message make this album a great listen for #EcoHeroes of all ages. 

Mr. Eco’s debut album “Hybrid Hip-Hop” will be available for purchase in Whole Foods stores nationwide starting Tuesday, September 10 2013 (as well as online at $1 of proceeds from every album sold is donated to Salad Bar Nation – a fundraising campaign from Whole Kids Foundation to put salad bars in schools. Mr. Eco has performed at elementary school assemblies for more than 20,000 children and is going on a California statewide elementary school tour this year with a goal of reaching 100 schools and 50,000 students.

Download the song “Green Apple Day of Service” off of “Hybrid Hip-Hop” for free! 
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Q&A with Mr. Eco*

(Mr. Eco answered all of our questions with lyrics from his album.)

HD: Mr. Eco, congratulations on releasing your first original album this month, “Hybrid Hip-Hop,” available in Whole Foods. Tell us a little more about what you do as an environmental rap superhero.

Mr. Eco: I became Mr. Eco (why) to educate the people

About how are actions accelerate climate change to happen (yeah)

Global warming more co2produced by me and you

So every product that we buy (everything) or every time we leave on the light (every time)

Affects the animals that we love from the polar bear to the morning dove

Live sustainably at home and you'll save animals where they roam

(Lyrics from: Wildlife Warriors)


HD: The last track on your album is “Green Apple Day of Service.” What drew you to this project and why did you choose to highlight it?

Mr. Eco:  700 million kids all go to school each day each day

Green schools save resources energy and money money

Our kids deserve better where they learn matters okay okay

Sign up for green apple day of service right away away 

(Lyrics from: “Green Apple Day of Service”)


HD: You have started a movement of young #EcoHeroes. Who are #EcoHeroes and how can someone become one?

Mr. Eco: I started this whole thing (thing) when i was 19 (teen)

Start Imagining what you can do living green (do it)

“But mr eco im only nine years old”

Guess what aint no age limit for an EcoHero

Make the world with your hands and put em high

Cause the worlds in the hands of every girl and guy were EcoHeroes!  

Do remember that it starts with you (you)

You gotta be green start with little changes

Change your friends with verbal exchanges

Exchange the old in with the new

New favorite superhero should be you!

(Lyrics from: EcoHero Anthem)


HD: Be honest, what’s the coolest thing that has happened to you as Mr. Eco?

Mr. Eco:

Nighttime you know I ride then  (yup)

LEDs light the street when im driven (LED)

Turn signal on veer it right

Hear a siren red and blue lights

“Do You know what I’m stopping you for?”

Cause im young green and my cape flow ha

“No man that thing is cool

Are you the one who performed at my sons school?”

Yes I'm Mr. Eco

The best superhero

Addressing environmental  

Earth on my mind I’m environ-mental

(Lyrics from: YikeBike)

HD: With a parody album including such titles as “Prince of Fresh Air,” and now a complete original album, what’s next for you?

Mr. Eco: Now I gotta be on my way..(uh) but ill see yall another day.. go and make the world a better place.. because were EcoHeroes.. deuces! (Lyrics from: EcoHero Anthem)