Guide to Greenbuild Atlanta for K-12 professionals

Published on: 
24 Oct 2019
Jenny Wiedower

Feature image photo credit: Barkow Photo.

Like many professionals in USGBC’s networks, our staff looks forward to Greenbuild each year to meet up with friends, learn new things, see the latest products and visit beautiful green buildings. The Center for Green Schools has put together a few ideas to help you navigate the conference and get the most out of the experience, coming up Nov. 19–22 in Atlanta, Georgia.

First, check out the session descriptions on the Greenbuild website—use the keyword “schools” to find all of our K–12 recommended sessions. Here are a couple to keep an eye out for:

Don’t forget about special events during and around Greenbuild:

  • Greenbuild tours: The tour “Building 21st-Century Learners in Green Schools” will cover four schools in the greater Atlanta area that have each found unique ways to not only engage the students in hands-on learning, but also to use their facility to assist in the process.
  • Keynotes: Friday morning’s featured speaker is a high school student at the forefront of the climate justice movement. Jamie Margolin will speak about her experiences as founder and co-executive director of an international youth climate justice movement called Zero Hour. The movement led the very first "Youth Climate March" in Washington, D.C., as well as more than 25 cities around the world during the summer of 2018.
  • Programming for aspiring green building professionals: USGBC hosts high school teachers and students who are studying building trades and sustainability for “The Future is Green,” a half-day learning experience that will increase their knowledge of sustainable development and connect them directly with green building professionals to discuss individual career pathways. Also, this year’s legacy project—a way that Greenbuild serves the host community long after the conference is over—once again supports students. The solar installation project will serve as an instructional/training site for a select group of students from Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta.

Center for Green Schools team members will be available during the conference, as well. Phoebe Beierle will be leading programming for our School District Scholarship recipients, who have been awarded a free trip to Greenbuild and other professional development support throughout the school year. Jenny Wiedower will be leading "The Future is Green" program mentioned above. Want to connect with them while you’re at the conference? Contact us to set up at time to meet.

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