Green schools resources now count for CE hours on Education @USGBC

Published on: 
22 May 2017
Emma Arnold

Over the years, the Center for Green Schools, together with many partner organizations, has published a range of research and best practices for green schools. From white papers to reports and research papers, these resources span the three pillars of sustainable schools and are designed for all types of green schools advocates.

We are excited to offer a selection of green schools resources for continuing education (CE) hours through Education @USGBC. Although these resources are offered for free through our resources page, the associated quiz and continuing education hours are now also available through an [email protected] subscription and for individual purchase.

Learn about the whole school sustainability framework, behavior-based strategies for energy savings in schools, developing policy solutions and more: Now you can deepen your green schools knowledge while maintaining your LEED credential.

Check out these six resources that are now eligible for CE credit:

The Whole School Sustainability Framework

For 1 CE. Using the Whole-School Sustainability Framework, this report defines each principle and uses literature from multiple disciplines to illustrate how each principle manifests in a school and why it is critical to successful sustainability.

National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability

For 3.5 CE. Based on a 2013 convening, this report outlines a national action plan toward environmental and sustainability literacy for all students by 2040, through collaboration, alignment and large-scale implementation.

Powering Down: Behavior-Based Energy Conservation in K–12 Schools

For 1 CE. This toolkit follows the experiences of five public schools that have reduced electricity use by 20 to 37 percent through behavior-based strategies alone, looking to these schools as models for others and examining common strategies.

The Impact of School Buildings on Student Health and Performance: A Call for Research

For 2.5 CE. An accessible account of current research connecting school buildings with student health and performance, this paper analyzes various studies to understand the impact of school facilities on the way students breathe, see, hear, move and learn.

The Green Schools Investment Guide for Health, Efficient and Inspiring Learning Spaces

For 4 CE. This guide helps school stakeholders advocate for renovations, retrofits and upgrades to their school buildings through identifying building improvement opportunities and finance and implementation strategies.

Greening Our Schools: A State Legislator’s Guide to Best Policy Practices

For 4 CE. This toolkit is a comprehensive guide for state lawmakers who are developing policy solutions that improve the health, productivity, efficiency and fiscal responsibility of schools in their state.

State of Our Schools: America’s K–12 Facilities

For 3 CE. This report is an unprecedented account of the facilities funding of K–12 public schools in the United States, projecting an annual under-investment of $46 billion.

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