Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly: September 2017

Published on: 
20 Sep 2017
Anisa Heming

Each article in the latest issue of Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly, the green schools journal published by the Green Schools National Network, illustrates a future that intertwines sustainability and education. The fall issue, just released, recognizes the outdated nature of the conventional education system and offers a platform to transform education to support youth in sustaining the world.

This issue of the journal is packed with great content, including:

  • David Sobel paves a realistic path to shift the early childhood education system from the conventional, standardized methods to immersive, nature-based learning. Sobel explores the benefits of nature-based education and the potential of integrating the outdoors into the everyday learning for future generations.
  • Jean-Claude Brizard¬†shares his insight about the ways that the physical space and the mission of Discovery Elementary School foster resilient and environmentally conscious students. One interview features a group of third-grade students who created an educational campaign to inform their peers about the importance of recycling and its environmental impacts.
  • Reilly Loveland sheds light on the world of Zero Energy Design in the school environment. Loveland provides an in-depth explanation of how zero energy schools are not only financially beneficial but can also create healthier environments.

The Center for Green Schools at USGBC is proud to be a distribution partner for Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly. Access this exceptional content for free, and learn more about how our collective work is shaping schools.

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