Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly: June 2017

Published on: 
10 Jul 2017
Anisa Heming

The June issue of the Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly, released by the Green Schools National Network, is rich with information about the current state of affairs for green schools around the country. In its inaugural three issues, the Catalyst is tackling stories of the past, present and future of green schools. This issue encourages the reader to take stock of where we’ve arrived—and also how far we need to go.

Here is a brief look at what you’ll find in the journal this month:

  • Lisa Kensler and Cynthia Uline explain the recent updates to the Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium standards that influence how school leaders around the U.S. approach their work. They have evolved to directly align with the goals of sustainability, allowing future school leaders to explore topics related to green schools.
  • Anisa Heming pulls the curtain back on the Center for Green Schools’ Measuring Our Impact project, which has been exploring the frameworks and questions used by green schools organizations to assess our movement’s success. See the conclusions of the Center’s analysis and learn the steps needed to create consensus on the measures of a green school.
  • Jim Elder provides detailed case studies about the winding path of each of the most successful state-level environmental literacy policies. Sharing how and why policies were passed in Maryland, California and Oregon, he educates the reader about how we can make the same happen in our own states.

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