Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly: December 2017

Published on: 
13 Dec 2017
Anisa Heming

The Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly, published by Green Schools National Network, serves as a record of the green schools movement, showing our past successes and challenges as well as our current progress. This quarter’s content focuses on policy levers to effect change, including policy at the school district, state and regional levels:

  • Jeremy Sigmon, from USGBC’s advocacy team, outlines recent progress and future opportunities in state legislation to support green schools. He highlights nine recently passed policies that illustrate the current interests of state policymakers.
  • Amy Cortese, from New Buildings Institute, dives into the results of California’s Proposition 39, which was passed by voters in 2012 and allocates funding to school districts for energy efficiency. To illustrate the impact of the legislation, she profiles three school districts of varying sizes and the lessons learned from each district’s experience.
  • Ghita Carroll, sustainability coordinator at Boulder Valley School District and 2016 School District Scholarship recipient, tells the story of her school district’s effort to embed sustainability in its management and policy frameworks. Over the past eight years, the district has moved from an initial sustainability management system to deep curricular integration and energy efficiency targets.

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