Free first year of USGBC membership for K-12 schools and districts

Published on: 
30 Aug 2013
Anisa Baldwin Metzger

The Center for Green Schools at USGBC is pleased to announce a new campaign to bring more K-12 schools and districts into the USGBC member community by offering a free first year of membership. We are committed to guaranteeing that schools and districts have a specific and valued place in our member body—a body that holds serious gravity in the work we do here at USGBC. However, we know that in order to show the value of joining our community, we not only need to connect schools and districts with other members and each other, but we also need to provide resources that address all the many stakeholders that are important to a school community.

School and district members, both current and new, now have access to additional school-focused benefits. School staff and leadership will have access to school member webcasts, print copies of key resources and priority for scholarships to our annual School Sustainability Leaders Summit. They are also given three complimentary registrations in order to test drive the Green Classroom Professional Certificate program, an interactive online course and exam that teachers can then take at a member discount. Teachers at member schools and districts are also invited to apply to the Trailblazing Teacher award program, a twice-annual celebration of teachers’ creativity in incorporating environmental learning into the classroom.

At USGBC, we’re working hard to equip all school staff and leadership with the quality research, tools and strategies needed to advance whole-school sustainability across buildings, curriculum and communities. We’re committed to this effort because we know it can change the lives of millions of students and the adults that care for them—it’s easy for us to tell others why we do this work.

By collecting a wide variety of our initiatives into this one package, we can more clearly speak about what we do to those who work in schools, whether they decide to become members or not. And aligning our work with USGBC membership allows us to celebrate schools and districts that are making the commitment to stake their place in the movement.