Explore 30 LEED-certified schools from 2019

Published on: 
20 Sep 2019
Kristen Keim

In the first half of 2019, more than 100 schools received LEED certification—an impressive start to the year and an exciting glimpse into what the rest of 2019 has to offer. This is the seventh time in 12 years that so many schools have been certified in a six-month period.

Since 2017, when the Center for Green Schools began recognizing newly certified LEED schools, more than 400 schools have demonstrated their commitment to providing healthy, sustainable learning spaces to their students, staff and community via LEED certification.

With 2019’s LEED certifications, nearly 64,000 students are now learning in spaces that have a reduced impact on local resources and an enhanced impact on occupant health and productivity. These students will learn early lessons about sustainable living that will influence decisions throughout their lives.

We asked those who worked on—and work in—these newest LEED-certified buildings to share photos and stories. Here, we highlight 30 projects from 13 states and two countries with beautiful photos showcasing the features of each green school. These schools serve as inspiration and a reminder of how important it is to provide healthy, sustainable spaces.

Congratulations to all the schools that achieved LEED certification in the first half of 2019. We encourage you to share these projects with friends and colleagues, as a reminder for why the green schools movement is so vital.

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