All your questions about LEED Lab answered

Published on: 
1 Mar 2017
Sarah Merricks

Maybe you've heard about how LEED Lab is providing students with highly marketable experience. Not only is it preparing students for 21st century competitive careers, but it is also giving them a distinct advantage in the job market. Interested in potentially offering LEED Lab at your university, but want to learn more? We’re here to help and answer some of your questions.

Are there any prerequisites for LEED Lab?

LEED Lab is open to any student pursuing any major. The only prerequisite is an interest in learning about the impact the built environment has on the environment, on societies and on people and a wish to understand how sustainable building strategies can improve the status quo.

More than 20 different majors are represented in the course, ranging from traditional building science disciplines to physics, environmental science, business and liberal arts. The common ground is an interest in green building, economic, environmental or social sustainability and a desire to positively influence future outcomes. 

How does it work—do schools license the curriculum?

USGBC has not developed curriculum for LEED Lab. We partner with our colleagues on academic campuses, who are experts in pedagogy, to develop the course structure that best meets the educational goals of the specific institution. USGBC serves as the green building and LEED technical expert, and the instructors work directly with our LEED Lab Coach, who provides technical support and liaises with GBCI. Instructors are responsible for developing the course structure and determining student assessment.

Additionally, we host a faculty discussion forum to drive the curriculum conversation between the institutions offering LEED Lab. This is a great way for participating instructors to compare notes and refine their courses. This forum also helps USGBC learn from, and contribute to, the discussion based on our knowledge and skills.

This has been a terrific development for the growing LEED Lab network. It encourages instructors and institutions to collaborate, and we are seeing that happen more and more with post-secondary institutions across international borders and climate zones. Of course, this level of engagement and interaction only serves to broaden instructor and student understanding. 

How do I get started? How do I offer LEED Lab at my university?

The first step is to complete the expression of interest form. USGBC will contact you to schedule a conversation to learn more about your institution, courses being offered and how LEED Lab can support your students and the campus sustainability efforts. 

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