Colorado Schools Awarded for Green Building Efforts

Published on: 
3 Nov 2011

This year’s Colorado Sustainable Design Awards winners were three schools highlighted for their green building and design efforts. The award recognizes exemplary design in residential, civic and commercial properties, as well as interior design. The schools awarded were Sangre de Cristo PK-12 School in Mosca, Colo., Fossil Ridge School in Fort Collins, Colo., and Casey Middle School in Boulder, Colo.

This year’s awards focused on the theme “doing more with less.” ColoradoBiz attributes USGBC’s LEED rating system as a driving factor in this mantra, saying, “the success of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and green building should be attributed to the emphasis on not just resource conservation ("Less"), but also on delivering ("More") in the form of daylight, views, healthier air, controllability, thermal comfort, connected community, local economy, etc.”

The three schools awarded all utilize the “more” factors discussed by incorporating cleaner air, comfortable temperatures, more access to daylight and overall healthier learning environments into their design, making them spaces where children can truly flourish.

Sangre de Cristo PK-12 School was recognized for its modest architecture and a composting program with a local hog farm. Fossil Ridge School exemplifies great daylighting features, and has a strong plan in place for reducing energy bills and utilizing that money in more needed areas. And Casey Middle School was called a “truly walkable neighborhood school,” and features access to light in just about every space inside the building.

Congratulations to these three schools, along with the USGBC Colorado chapter for promoting the Center’s mission of green schools for everyone within this generation.

What do you think of these school's efforts? Has your school or district taken any initiative to implement more sustainable practices?