Class of 2018: LEED-certified schools make an impact

Published on: 
4 Mar 2019
Kristen Keim

From the release of the Zero Energy School Design Guide to resilient school design briefings on Capitol Hill to a policy analysis on lead in school drinking water, 2018 was full of new leadership and bold commitments in the green schools movement.

Last summer, the Center for Green Schools shared that in just the first 6 months of 2018, 70 schools were LEED-certified. We’ve run the numbers, and because of all the work you’ve put into making schools sustainable, we ended 2018 with 172 certified projects—an impressive number and a strong finish to the year.

With nearly one in eight people around the globe spending their weekdays at a school, it’s imperative that we continue to improve the overall health and environmental sustainability of schools. An estimated 103,000 students from 9 countries and 27 states will be positively affected by the facilities that were certified in 2018—more than doubling the impact from the first half of the year. Each of these projects feature reduced energy and water consumption, leading to a lower carbon footprint and lifelong lessons for their occupants.

We asked these schools and all those who worked on them to share photos and descriptions about the newest LEED family additions. We received nearly 20 submissions, ranging in size and strategies to reach their LEED certification goals. We encourage you share these projects with your friends and colleagues, and use them as inspiration for raising the bar on your 2019 sustainability goals.

Congratulations to all the schools who reached LEED certification in 2018—we’re looking forward to hearing all the positive impacts you’ve made in your community.

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