Celebrating LEED-certified schools from 2019

Published on: 
10 Mar 2020
Kristen Keim

Feature image: The LEED Gold Florida Ruffin Ridley School in Brookline, Massachusetts.

At the Center for Green Schools, we believe that all students deserve to attend sustainable schools that enhance their health and prepare them for 21st century careers. Every school designed to meet LEED standards represents a commitment to a future of green schools for all.

In 2019, 171 schools were certified to LEED requirements, a strong ending to the past decade’s green schools movement. In those 171 schools, nearly 90,000 students are learning, working and playing in sustainable spaces that value their health, well-being and future. The positive impact that these schools will have on students and their communities is unlimited.

We asked the people who worked on, and work in, the newest LEED-certified schools to share photos and notes on their sustainable spaces. Thirty-seven schools from five countries answered with stunning photos that showcase their sustainable features and with stories to match. These three dozen schools, as well as previously LEED-certified schools, serve as a reminder of the importance of continuing our mission for healthy, sustainable learning environments for all students in this generation.

Congratulations to all the schools who achieved LEED certification in 2019. We encourage you to share these projects with your friends and colleagues and use them as inspiration for raising the bar on your 2020 sustainability goals.

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