Celebrating the creativity of teachers

Published on: 
9 Aug 2013
Anisa Heming

With nearly 500 teachers in our Green Classroom Professional (GCP) community, the Center for Green Schools is excited that our connection to classrooms around the country has become stronger than ever. The GCP online course and exam has strengthened these teachers’ ability to:

  • Act on what they have learned about their own classroom environment
  • Communicate to their peers about strong actions they can take together
  • And advocate to school administration for the improvements that will most directly affect their and their students’ health and wellbeing.

With the growth of the GCP community, we’re eager to highlight some of the incredible work being done by these teachers in their schools. We recently announced our Trailblazing Teacher award winners, who were selected from among dozens of applicants from around the country. As part of the award, each teacher received free access to the GCP course and exam to arm them with additional tools to be effective leaders in their school communities.

We’re not the only ones who are eager to celebrate these teachers’ accomplishments. Here are just a few of the responses we received back from our emails announcing the Trailblazing Teachers to their communities:

  • “Thanks to you and your organization for recognizing Ms. Purcell. Her impact here at Air Base Elementary has been profound and far-reaching. Our students, staff and school community have benefitted from her passion for environmental education and advocacy.” - Mr. Raul Calzadilla, Jr., Principal, Air Base Elementary School, FL
  • “[Kathy Rusert’s] school (Acorn HS) been a two year participant (and winner!) in our Green Schools Challenge. Kathy has recently agreed to serve on our chapter's Green Schools Committee, and has already given us some great ideas on how we can increase participation in the 2013-14 Green Schools Challenge. We are proud that she has received recognition from the Center for Green Schools for being a Trailblazing Teacher!” - Ginny Kuris, Green Schools Coordinator, USGBC Arkansas
  • “[I’m] honored to be among such awesome trailblazing teachers. [It’s] hard to believe we are about to start year 27 with this amazing Watershed Program. It is year 13 for me and still so much to learn and do!” - Banny Ackerman, Trailblazing Teacher, Radnor Middle School, PA
  • “I look forward to utilizing your resources and continuing to inspire my amazing students to love and respect their planet.” - Beth Marass, Trailblazing Teacher, Sanford High School, ME
  • “What an honor! Thank you so much for selecting [Dave Ropa] and for sharing the great news with me.” - Leia Esser, Principal, Spring Harbor Middle School, WI

Keep an eye out for more profiles of these excellent teachers, and watch out for the application for our next round of Trailblazing Teacher awards to be released later this month!