Atlanta-area high school students to learn about green careers at Greenbuild

Published on: 
28 Aug 2019
Jenny Wiedower

For green building professionals worldwide, the Greenbuild Conference and Expo is the premier place to learn cutting-edge solutions to improve resilience, sustainability and quality of life in our communities. For the fourth consecutive year, Greenbuild is also a place for high school students to explore their future green careers.

Learning about a green future from current professionals

On Nov. 21, the Center for Green Schools at USGBC and partners ATP and Legrand will host high school teachers, students and administrators in the area of Atlanta, Georgia, for unique insight into the green building industry at Greenbuild. More than 100 high school students studying pre-engineering, architecture, construction, carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electrical will attend the full "Future is Green" program, which includes a free, half-day learning experience that will increase their knowledge of sustainable development and connect them directly with green building professionals to discuss individual career pathways.

Taking part in an Expo Hall activity

Although the cohort taking part in the full program has been selected, there is still space in the Greenbuild Expo Hall activity. The Expo Hall is an experience that will impress any building enthusiast, and for students, it provides an unparalleled opportunity to get to know the leaders of a more sustainable future. With hundreds of vendors and service providers, including many local companies, the Expo Hall provides a comprehensive picture of the green jobs sector. Using a worksheet activity, students will engage in conversations with vendors about their companies, their employees and their roles in the green building sector.

Integrating the event with classroom knowledge

To connect on-site learning to classroom curriculum, USGBC will provide teachers with materials and guidance for building a foundational knowledge of green building and sustainable design, to be implemented in the fall semester prior to Greenbuild. Every teacher will receive access to the free "Green Building for Everyone" course materials, which can be adapted into their existing class plans.

Following the Expo Hall experience, local USGBC Georgia community members will continue to support teacher professional development and student career exploration into green careers through classroom visits, field trips and participation in programs such as Building Learners and LEED Prep.

Sponsorship and participation

  • Are you a teacher or administrator in the Atlanta area who is interested in bringing your high school class to explore the green building industry at Greenbuild?
  • Are you a Greenbuild exhibitor who wants to engage students at your booth this year?
  • Are you a representative of a company who would like to support opportunities for more teachers and students to participate in Greenbuild through sponsorship of this event?

There are plenty of opportunities for more people to take part. Would you like to help? Sponsors will add to our ability to provide even more post-event resources and assistance to teachers and students to keep the momentum going after Greenbuild.

Please contact Jenny Wiedower for more information on any of these ways to participate.

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