3 lessons for K-12 students that use physical activity

Published on: 
16 Aug 2018
Jenny Wiedower

Incorporating physical activity into the classroom is a great way to keep students engaged, especially in the transition from summer vacation to school study. These lessons from Learning Lab get students moving, as well as learning about the benefits of physical activity for their own bodies and the health of their community.

  • Kindergarten: My Feet, My Moves!, created by EcoRise and RIS. In this lesson, students learn that our feet are a basic form of transportation, and they celebrate the many ways in which we can move—skipping, dancing, shuffling, walking and running. Also available in Spanish.
  • Grades 3–4: Eat Well Towers, created by EcoRise and RIS. In this lesson, students learn important considerations for making healthy eating choices and physical activity choices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This lesson provides a great opportunity to involve students’ families and the community. Also available in Spanish.
  • Grades 912: Design and Build a Rain Garden, created by The Nature Conservancy. This lesson series leads students through the siting, design and installation of a rain garden, and provides a hands-on approach to understanding how rain gardens fit into larger stormwater management issues and approaches.

All these lessons are available as part of the Learning Lab subscription, which is available for purchase for $40—less for bulk purchases.

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