Committees in Action

Green Schools Committees are helping to drive the green schools movement with local, community-based initiatives, and by regularly engaging in the national conversation.

Community-based initiatives

Since 2010, the Center for Green Schools has distributed the Green Schools Committee Innovation Grant to 28 USGBC Chapters. Annual modest awards are made to Committees that demonstrate well-defined programs and goals, with effective methods for measuring and reporting success in their communities.

Annual Green Schools Symposium

In 2012, USGBC and the Center for Green Schools will host the fifth annual Green Schools Committee Symposium. For two and a half days, Committee representatives gather together for success story and resource-sharing, message training and outreach strategy development. Nearly every USGBC Chapter participates in this invaluable peer-to-peer exchange, building plans of action for engaging their communities with green schools in the coming year, and strengthening the work of the national green schools movement.