State of Our Schools Address from Center for Green Schools on Vimeo.

Elementary and secondary public schools are centers of nearly 100,000 communities across the United States, yet American citizens and public officials have a poor understanding of the scale of this infrastructure and of its condition.

In this first annual State of Our Schools report, our best guess is that it will take approximately $271 billion to bring school buildings up to working order and comply with laws. If we add to that modernization costs to ensure that our schools meet today’s education, safety and health standards, we estimate a jaw-dropping $542 billion would be required.

We need more precise, more detailed and more accurate information to direct our efforts to restore, repair and revive our schools. That’s why we're calling for an updated survey on the condition of America’s schools. A clear understanding of the current state of educational facilities would allow us to direct our limited dollars to where they are needed most, ensuring that all of our children have the opportunity to attend a school that is healthy and safe, and one that enhances their ability to learn, grow and thrive.