• Elon University: 25 LEED buildings and counting

    By Aline Peterson, Media & Communications Specialist, USGBC
    & Elaine Durr, Director of Sustainability, Elon University

    Elon University, located in central North Carolina, is a liberal arts university with nationally recognized professional programs in business, communications, education, law and health sciences. Since its founding in 1889, Elon has been grounded in a mission to develop global citizens. It is a recognized leader in engaged learning and is consistently honored as one of the nation’s top universities for community service and study abroad. The 620-acre campus is itself a botanical garden, and in late March, Elon received its 25...

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  • Learn about school district sustainability in a new report from the Center for Green Schools

    By Anisa Baldwin Metzger
    Center for Green Schools Fellows Manager

    Ever wonder what a school district sustainability director does? Within the last five years, the network of school district sustainability staff that the Center for Green Schools convenes has grown four fold, and we've launched four successful Green Schools Fellowships. In the process, we've gleaned a lot of information about what it takes to get sustainability moving in a school system.

    In a new report the Center details findings from surveys and interviews conducted by our graduate research assistant, Dania Gutierrez. In "Managing Sustainability in School Districts," we ...

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  • Be part of the conversation about sustainable schools at EDspaces

    By Jim McGarry

    The best place to find out about sustainable design and purchasing trends that are shaping today’s cutting-edge learning environments is EDspaces, which is an international tradeshow and conference that brings together professionals who design, equip and manage innovative learning environments and the manufacturers, service providers and dealers who offer the essential solutions.

    This year’s event, taking place October 28-30, will tap into the city’s commitment to sustainable building in New Orleans. Attendees will be able to see and learn how healthier classrooms and more energy efficient schools have improved student performance, helped protect the environment, and saved ...

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  • Campus Conservation Nationals Celebrates Fifth Anniversary as Colleges and Universities Amass Six Gigawatt-Hours of Electricity Savings

    U.S. Green Building Council and Lucid’s Campus Conservation Nationals hits milestone as 2015 competition inspires college students across North America to reduce their electricity and water consumption

    Washington, D.C. (May 19, 2015) — The Center for Green Schools at USGBC, through its USGBC Students program and in partnership with Lucid, the Alliance to Save Energy and the National Wildlife Federation, is pleased to announce the results of the Campus Conservation Nationals(CCN) 2015 competition. In its fifth year, more than 343,000 students and staff across 125 colleges and universities participated in CCN 2015, which saved the schools ...

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  • New study concludes with strong evidence of the impact of school design on learning

    Until now, it may seem bizarre, but the holistic impact of classroom design on the learning of school pupils has been pretty much an unknown quantity. Although many people intuitively feel that classroom design is important for effective learning, there has in fact been very little real evidence. Of course the challenge is far from simple, as there are a myriad of design factors in play within every classroom.

    So the University of Salford’s research team targeted primary (or elementary) school classrooms, where the children are in one space most of their time and for whom there are metrics of ...

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  • The Greenest School on Earth: How do you choose?

    By Carly Cowan
    Project Manager, Center for Green Schools

    Out of the most impressive and inspiring school buildings in the entire world, how do you choose just one to name the Greenest School on Earth? The task is a daunting one, but also an incredibly rewarding one. This year, our Greenest School on Earth program received over 300 percent more applications than last year from schools that are making tremendous progress in providing better education to our world’s future leaders.

    As the program’s application numbers have grown, so has its impact and its purpose. Originally designed to commend the ...

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  • Congratulations to the 2015 ED-Green Ribbon Schools Honorees!

    By Nathaniel Allen
    Center for Green Schools Advocacy Lead

    This Earth Day, 58 schools, 14 school districts and nine colleges and universities were recognized with the prestigious U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools award. Now in its fourth year, ED-Green Ribbon Schools continues to provide a comprehensive pathway for all schools to make progress on all three pillars of the award – reducing environmental impact and costs, improving occupant health and well-being, and providing effective environmental education. These three pillars--simple yet comprehensive--have united hundreds of NGOs in support of this movement and have become the basis of the globally ...

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  • Jump in to the future of K-12 education

    By Rachel Gutter
    Director, Center for Green Schools

    Imagine the possibilities: millions of teachers equipped and empowered to engage their students in learning that fosters individual happiness and global sustainability. It’s not pie-in-the-sky, and with your participation, we can make it a reality.

    Today, the Center for Green Schools kicks off its latest initiative: an online education platform to provide K12 schools one-stop access to the best education resources for sustainability. Encourage your favorite educator to apply here to take part in the one-year pilot program and receive exclusive, free access to a world of resources. The pilot will launch ...

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  • Global Coalition for Green Schools Recognizes Greenest School on Earth

    By Aline Peterson
    Media & Communications Specialist, USGBC

    Dunbarton High School in Canada recognized
    for cutting-edge sustainability education

    Washington, D.C. – (April 15, 2015) – Today, the Global Coalition for Green Schools, an initiative of the Center for Green Schools at USGBC, announced the 2015 Greenest School on Earth. The recipient school is Dunbarton High School of Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

    The Greenest School on Earth is an annual competition, highlighting a K-12 school that exemplifies how sustainability can be integrally woven into the infrastructure, culture and curriculum of a school. The Center defines a green school as one ...

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  • Celebrating Ohio's 200th LEED certified school

    By Lisa Laney, Sustainability Administrator
    Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

    It is an amazing time to live in Ohio and an even more amazing time to work in the K-12 public facility sector. I am a public servant who administers a sustainability program that saves taxpayer dollars and provides extraordinary benefits to our biggest asset, our children. I serve as the Sustainability Administrator for the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). We oversee the design and construction of public K-12 schools, state agencies and higher education facilities. 

    When I took this position in 2009, Ohio had one LEED certified school and ...

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