The 50 for 50 Green Schools Caucus Initiative Testimonials

During the 2010 Green Schools State Legislative Summit, lawmakers were given the opportunity to share testimonials about why green schools matter. Click the videos below to hear what these legislators have to say about the importance of healthy school environments.

Karen May

IL Representative Karen May– District 58

Chair, 2011 National Advisory Council for Green Schools Caucus Initiative

Chair, IL Working Group on Green Schools

“Hi, I’m Representative Karen May from Highland Park, Illinois. As state lawmakers, we have a paramount responsibility to make sure that our children are educated in healthy school buildings. In green schools, students learn about saving our planet and have the very best learning environment. This is an area where we need to lead – not follow.”

Jim Decesare

KY Representative Jim DeCesare – District 21

Vice-Chair, 2011 National Advisory Council for Green Schools Caucus Initiative; Co-Chair, KY Green Schools Caucus

"I’m excited about how my district has become a national leader in energy efficient green schools, helping us save public funds and provide a healthier learning environment for our kids. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, building green is the fiscally smart choice."

Mary Lou Marzian

KY Representative Mary Lou Marzian – District 34

Co-Chair, KY Green Schools Caucus

"Green schools matter to me and to my constituents not only because they’re creating healthy places for our children to learn and for our teachers to teach – both by saving money – but also because it’s the right thing to do."

Jules Bailey

OR Representative Jules Bailey – (D-Portland)

"This Initiative means savings for school districts on their utility bills, allowing more money to go directly into our classrooms, all while providing jobs for struggling families."

Dear Colleague Letters

Illinois State Representative Karen May (D-58) and Kentucky State Representative Jim DeCesare (R-21), Chair and Vice-Chair of the National Advisory Council, address their fellow state legislators in open letters about the bipartisan fiscal, health and environmental benefits of green schools:

Jim Desc