The Green Schools Investment Guide for Healthy, Efficient and Inspiring Learning Spaces is a free downloadable resource for K-12 schools and communities that demonstrates how schools can implement healthy and resource-efficient building improvements.

Many of us share the vision that our schools can be healthy, resource-efficient centers of community life. Yet we have differing levels of the technical knowledge needed to make meaningful investments in our school buildings. That’s why we designed this guide to show how and where big ideas and practical considerations for making change in our schools intersect.



The Green School Investment Guide is the first product of a joint initiative of Architecture for Humanity and the Center for Green Schools. We’re working together to create and apply resources that show how communities can make healthy building improvements in their schools. 

At the heart of every healthy community, we see a green school: a healthy, safe, inspiring and resource efficient place for learning and leadership. We believe that every school can serve as a center for community life and an engine of renewal. We believe that where we learn matters.