As college and university leaders work to green their campuses, students can and should play a critical role.

Hands-On LEED: Guiding College Student Engagement explains how students can be involved in green campus projects and contribute to LEED certification efforts. The guide outlines three options for engaging students: coursework, internships and volunteer opportu nities. It details the benefits of involving students and outlines ways to initiate the process of developing an engagement program, such as planning considerations and LEED-related activities and tasks that students can perform. The guide also contains profiles of three campuses that are engaging students on green campus projects with great success.

Campuses that implement programs to include students on LEED projects create opportunities for faculty to incorporate project-based learning into coursework, provide students valuable hands-on project experience and help the institution lower LEED project costs. Schools can include students on projects seeking LEED certification for a new or existing building, which may include working on early planning or assessment tasks, such as helping to determine which campus facilities are best suited for LEED certification.