The Center for Green Schools Greenest School on Earth

The Greenest School on Earth recognition is an annual announcement made by the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council, highlighting a K-12 school that exemplifies how sustainability can be integrally woven into the infrastructure, culture and curriculum of a school.


The jury selects willing schools for their impressive progress toward the following: 

  1. Efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impact 
  2. Enhanced health and learning among students, teachers and staff
  3. Emphasis on sustainability and resource-conservation education


The Greenest School on Earth recipients receive a $1,000 grant to initiate or enhance a school sustainability program. 

Dunbarton chosen as the 2015 greenest school on earth

Dunbarton High School, built in the 1960s, has undergone a significant retrofit over the past five years, installing new energy-efficient windows, insulation and lower wattage lighting. The school offers a Specialist High Skills Major in Environment and engages students through coursework and extracurricular activities related to the school’s natural surroundings. Also a winner of the 2014 Greenest School in Canada competition, Dunbarton features an outdoor classroom for 40, a 500 square meter pollinator garden and a rooftop solar water heater. Students at the school are provided with stainless steel water bottles upon matriculation and are involved in projects such as organic waste removal and the Atlantic salmon restoration program. The school plans to utilize the $1,000 award to develop a school garden and construct 10 additional bee condominiums, to be shared with the local community.

2013 Greenest Schools on Earth


The Sing Yin Secondary School, which largely serves low-income students, boasts an organic farm, two green roofs, a bamboo corner and an aquarium. Most classrooms are equipped with thin-film solar panels or sun-shading devices, advanced LED lighting, light sensors, motion sensors and more. The school recruits about 100 students every year to serve as environmental monitors, prefects and ambassadors. Within the community, they organized a 'Green School, Green Family' campaign last year in which students and their families conducted energy-saving activities to reduce household electricity use.


The Uaso Nyiro Primary School, which was designed by PITCHAfrica, is an alternative low- cost school designed for one of the poorest regions that also has insufficient access to water. The school, built from local materials with local labor for the same cost as a conventional linear school, stores and filters clean water for 700 children year round, provides protected gardens for growing fresh vegetables and includes a community workshop and courtyard theater for community gatherings and environmental theater. The school serves a disadvantaged community, 25 percent of whom live on less than $1.25/day. Since its opening, school attendance has risen to 95 percent and waterborne disease has dropped to zero.

2012 Greenest School on Earth


Green School Bali has been designed and built to have as small an impact as possible on the environment. Open air structures allow for natural light and ventilation, and aided by ceiling fans and an innovative system of enclosable, air-conditioned bubbles, stay cool even during the hottest days in the jungle. Green School grows much of the food it consumes, including organic rice, fruit and vegetables, and we are in the process of getting ourselves off the grid through solar, micro-hydro and biogas projects around the campus. Green School is home to a number of innovative environmental initiatives, including a project in association with the Begawan Foundation to breed several endangered bird species, including the beautiful Bali Starling, in specially built aviaries, and a program that teaches local farmers traditional methods of growing organic rice. Green School students take part in these programs, a great example of “learning by doing” and getting involved with local communities.

Greenest School in Canada

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2012 Greenest School on Earth


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2013 Greenest Schools on Earth



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