Class is now in session: It’s a new day for students at USGBC

Published on: 
2 May 2016
Jesse McElwain

As of May 1, you can be a USGBC Student just by signing up and telling us! Any student, from anywhere around the globe, can become a USGBC Student. What does that mean? It means you get to showcase the knowledge, skills and credentials that will jump-start your careers. It means you get a personalized experience and can find activities and resources suited for your interests as a student. We are committed to providing an unparalleled opportunity for students preparing for 21st century careers. Join the fastest-growing network of students who want a sustainable future, and transform your campus, your community and your career.

Throughout the past year, we’ve convened students, professors, administrators and employers around a central question: “What can USGBC do to best prepare graduates for 21st century careers?” The answer came back clear: an individualized experience, resources to accelerate professional development, access to a network of qualified professionals and local opportunities for hands-on learning. We are committed to delivering the best opportunities to each student, and we believe that starts with serving the needs of individuals.

Here's how to get started:

  • Go to and create a profile by clicking Account in the upper right corner, then "Create one." Tell us you’re a student, provide some information about yourself, and list your achievements to date. If you have a LEED professional credential, it will show up in your profile. And if you have completed a LEED Lab, you can earn a special badge.
  • Already have a USGBC profile? Go to the “About”section in your account settings, and indicate that you’re a student. Provide information about your current college or institution and graduation year, and we’ll do the rest.

As of May 1, all students who elect to be a USGBC Student will have access to a directory that you can sort by institution, major, region and even country. We’ve been working nonstop to build out new features on to support your career preparation efforts and enable you to grow your community. We’re making it easier to connect with professionals and get involved with local hands-on projects—and soon, we will add a place for you to showcase all your achievements and accomplishments in a new digital portfolio.

We’re excited to see what we can do as a united group of students and professionals around the world. Welcome!

Questions? Please feel free to reach out.