Roadmap to a Green Campus provides strategies for using the LEED green building certification program as a framework for developing and evolving campus-wide sustainability plans.

LEED provides a concise framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green campus solutions. The Roadmap references more than 100 tools and resources to support campus greening efforts, profiles institutional success stories, and offers guidance to help institutions of higher education:

  • Commit to a Green Campus
  • Assess the Landscape
  • Chart the Course
  • Lay the Groundwork
  • Build Capacity through Education and Training
  • Design, Construct and Operate Green Buildings
  • Engage the Campus Community
  • Use the Campus as a Living Laboratory
  • Celebrate Success

With Gratitude

Special thanks goes out to the following individuals who helped create the Roadmap:

Lead Authors

  • Emmanuelle M. Humblet, VHB
  • Rebecca Owens, VHB
  • Leo Pierre Roy, VHB

Contributing Authors

  • David McIntyre, VHB
  • Peggy Meehan, High Noon Communications
  • Leith Sharp

Green Campus Working Group

  • Bahar Armaghani, University of Florida
  • Niles Barnes, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Larry Eisenberg, Los Angeles Community College District
  • Art Frazier, Spelman College
  • Heather Henriksen, Harvard University
  • Robert Koester, Ball State University
  • Robert Lamppa, University of Maine – Farmington
  • Margot McDonald, California Polytechnic Institute
  • Nate Prior, Syracuse University
  • Perrin Pellegrin, Collaborative Project Consulting
  • Clement Solomon, West Virginia University
Roadmap to a Green Campus

We would like to thank AASHE for their support of the Roadmap.


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